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Alberta Health has designed this site to provide information on health status and determinants of health. These reports may contain health statistics (indicators) on a variety of health-related topics such as demographics, mortality, chronic and infectious disease, and children's health.

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Alberta Childhood Immunization Coverage

The Alberta childhood immunization coverage dashboard has information on childhood coverage rates for all routine public health immunizations, available by:

  • Geographic Area
  • Vaccine Type
  • Age
  • Year

Routine immunization schedule and information;

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PCN Dashboard

The Alberta PCN dashboard supports the PCNs with primary health care planning by providing a broad range of demographic, socio-economic and population health statistics considered relevant to primary health care for communities across the province.

The Profiles provide information for each PCN and highlight areas of need for relevant information to support the consistent and sustainable planning of primary health care services.

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Alberta Substance Use Surveillance System

The Alberta substance use surveillance system is a comprehensive and interactive tool for monitoring substance use in Alberta. This includes treatment and health service utilization associated with substance use, in addition to outcomes as a result of harmful substance use. Future expansion of the system will include treatment and recovery system capacity as well as utilization, waitlists, and program outcomes.

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Alberta Surgical Initiative (ASI) Performance Dashboard

The Alberta surgical initiative performance dashboard supports and monitors key aspects of the Alberta Surgical Initiative (ASI), which aims to provide all Albertans the surgeries they need within time frames recommended by medical experts. Surgical capacity is a key indicator in ensuring Alberta’s health system has the overall capacity it needs as the health system responds to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Additional reporting will be added to the dashboard as the initiative moves forward and new information becomes available.

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National Health Expenditures

The National health expenditures dashboard provides a graphic view of health expenditures and other health indicators comparing Alberta to other provinces and countries.

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